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HamiltonJet breaks ground on new facility

Waterjet manufacturer HamiltonJet has broken ground on a new production facility in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The new facility will be built on HamiltonJet’s existing site and will have an area of 7,320msq, significantly boosting the company’s production capacity by up to 40%.

The new facility is in response to the firm’s continued growth, both in New Zealand and globally.

“This milestone marks years of planning and is the next chapter in our 85-year history of innovation in marine propulsion technology,” said HamiltonJet MD Ben Reed. “We’re thrilled to see HamiltonJet continue to grow and evolve.”

The new facility is due to be opened and operational by April 2026, and will enable the company to shorten its lead times.

It will house advanced CNC machining, temperature-controlled environments, and a safer, more efficient paint process.

It is also being built with future-ready capacity for rooftop solar panels.

“As it is with projects of this size and scale, it has been years of planning, designing and consenting to get to this stage,” added Ben.

“HamiltonJet has been going from strength to strength, with increasing demand from the global market, so this is the next exciting chapter in our 85-year history as we look ahead to the future growth of the business.”


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