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Multi-million investment for marine propulsion systems company

Advanced marine propulsion systems company Ilmor Marine has announced a multi-million-dollar investment in a new state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing facility in Lyon Township, Michigan.

The new facility, set to open in early 2025, will house all Ilmor Marine operations including high-tech manufacturing, engineering, and customer support personnel.

This investment is a major milestone for the company, aimed at positioning it at the forefront of industry advancements and enabling the continued development of the latest marine propulsion systems.

“Our new manufacturing and technology centre is continued evidence of Ilmor’s investment in the future of advanced marine propulsion,” said Paul Ray, Ilmor president.

“Since the inception of our marine business, Ilmor has always been dedicated to driving technical advancements and providing our customers with the highest quality marine propulsion systems.

We are excited about the opportunities this new facility will bring.

Mike Lindberg

“By centralising all our operations in Michigan we will strengthen our manufacturing capabilities, increase and improve our engineering capabilities and help to deliver continuously improving customer support.”

The new Lyon Township facility will feature advanced manufacturing technologies and engineering resources, designed to support the development of next-generation marine propulsion systems.

Over the next few years, Ilmor Marine operations in Lyon Township are expected to grow, contributing to the local economy and creating high-quality jobs in the region.

“We are excited about the opportunities this new facility will bring,” added Mike Lindberg, vice president at Ilmor Marine vice president.

“As we continue to expand our operations, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of marine technology and setting new standards for the industry.”


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