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Lateral Naval Architects partners with Monaco Energy Boat Challenge team

Lateral Naval Architects are partnering with the University of Cambridge Riviera Racing Team to build a hydrogen-fuelled catamaran for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.

The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge encourages participants to explore new technologies, innovative materials, and alternative propulsion systems that reduce environmental impact while maintaining nautical performance.

The challenge consists of four classes: Energy Class, Solar Class, Open Sea Class, and E-boat Rally and Sea Lab and participants must design and build a boat that is functional and entirely sustainable.

To prepare for the challenge, the Riviera Racing Team has spent the last year building a hydrogen-fuelled catamaran racer, featuring integrated solar panels and a bespoke electric pod co-designed with propulsion partner Pulling-e.

Other boat features include hydrofoils to increase the potential speed.


“With shipping forming the backbone of international trade, it is crucial that we innovate and develop alternative fuel sources for the industry,” said the team.

“This is the first British team to enter the race since the competition began, and Cambridge University is a remarkable institution that we’re very excited to partner with.

“Rivera Racing have engaged their team in the energy class that focuses on energy architecture, which has been at the centre of Lateral’s recent R&D work.”

Five prizes will be awarded by an international jury with engineering, financial, and maritime experience. Jury members will include Alex Caizergues, world kitesurfing champion and co-founder of Syroco, Jan Pachner of One Ocean Foundation, Gilles Vernhet of Oceanco and CEO of Permare Shipyard, Barbara Amerio.


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