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New Nimbus electric concept boat

Sea trials have taken place of a new electric concept boat, developed to require around less energy for propulsion and with an increased range.

The boat, Alukin Ocean Air 8, has been developed in collaboration between Alukin, part of the Nimbus Group, and two Norwegian companies, Pascal Technologies AS and Evoy AS.

The hull is based on Pascal Technologies’ AirHull technology which incorporates a fan system in the bow that automatically kicks in as the boat moves forward, filling up a space under the boat with air.

A slight overpressure is created between the hull and the water, reducing resistance which means that both wave and friction resistance are reduced during the boat’s progress.

The hull design contributes to reduced energy consumption and facilitates a transition to electrification.

Pragmatic approach

“Testing new hull concepts, as in this case, is typical of our pragmatic approach and our curiosity about new technologies,” explained Jan-Erik Lindström, Nimbus Group CEO.

“If we are to manage to live up to our high standards in the area of sustainability, we must be prepared to think and try new things whenever we have the opportunity.”

Tests of this type of hull says Nimbus, have shown that the technology can reduce energy consumption by between 30 and 50%, which increases the boat’s range by 50-100% compared to using a traditional hull.

The concept boat is powered by an Evoy 90kW electric outboard engine with a 126kWh battery.

The anticipated range is more than 35 nautical miles.

“With this project, we are aiming for the boaters of the future and the generation that this year will be the largest on the planet, generation Z,” said Maria Nikula, Alukin brand manager. “We named the concept boat Ocean Air 8, which signals the area of use and function, ie, the boat’s progress that is facilitated by the air pressure against water. The number 8 is the length of the hull in meters.”


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