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Smallest generator yet from WhisperPower

WhisperPower has introduced its smallest generator to date, the Piccolo 6.

The Piccolo 6 is designed for versatility and convenience with features including silent operation, a compact design, and performance.

The design has been developed to allow users to stow-away the generator when not in use, making it suitable for various applications.

It is equipped with an indirect water-cooled diesel engine, offers adjustable speed, and can deliver 6KVA in both 1 Phase230 VAC at 50 Hz and 1 Phase 120 VAC at 60 Hz, using inverter technology.

This provides high output quality and strong peak power, suitable for comfort equipment like washing machines, air conditioning systems, electric cooking hobs, and battery chargers.

Silent running

The Piccolo 6 has two-cylinder engines, compliant with EPA/Tier 4 (USA standard) and Stage V (European standard).

The water-cooled engine and permanent magnet alternator are integrated into a single cooling circuit, maintaining a constant temperature via a heat exchanger for indirect sea water cooling.

The Piccolo 6’s customised shock mounts and sound enclosure have been designed for a quiet and virtually vibration-free setup, with an audible noise level of less than 60 dBA.

The generator can be equipped with a standard start-stop panel; an advanced full colour touch panel is optionally available.

It is also compatible with third party multi-functional displays and navigation screens by adding the OctoControl PRO interface to the system, providing a plug-and-play solution.


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