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SEA.AI partners with TimeZero

Machine vision company SEA.AI has partnered with TimeZero, provider of navigational software solutions, to integrate its AI-based vision technology into its TZ Professional software.

The collaboration is designed to bridge a gap in situational awareness by combining sensors on the same interface, enhancing safety, efficiency, and comfort for mariners.

“By integrating SEA.AI’s advanced detection capabilities with our TZ Professional software, we are not just improving maritime safety; we are transforming how mariners interact with the sea,” explained Frederic Algalarrondo, sales and marketing director of TimeZero.

“This partnership is a leap into the future of navigation, where technology acts as the mariner’s sixth sense, constantly vigilant and reliable.”

By integrating thermal and optical cameras with advanced machine learning algorithms, SEA.AI’s system detects and classifies floating objects in real time.

We’re building the future of safe and intelligent navigation.

Marcus Warrelmann

“Our mission has always been to safeguard mariners using the power of technology,” said Marcus Warrelmann, CEO of SEA.AI. “Working with TimeZero enables us to embed our vision directly into the navigation process and combine the data of other equipment onboard, enhancing every aspect of maritime voyages.

“Together, we’re not just integrating systems; we’re building the future of safe and intelligent navigation.”

Integrating SEA.AI’s object detection capabilities with TZ Pro Software will allow mariners to combine collision avoidance equipment such as AIS and radar with real-time visual data analysis.

And the companies explained that while machine vision has found a solid place in the automotive sector, its adoption in the maritime industry is still under construction.

The collaboration between TimeZero and SEA.AI is set to establish computer vision as a new safety standard in maritime operations.

Frederic concluded: “For us, this partnership is about bringing the best possible experience to our customers, and we’re grateful to the SEA.AI team of engineers who have put their AI-based vision technology through its paces to be confident of full compatibility.”


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