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BlueNav launches smart navigation features

Alternative propulsion solutions company, BlueNav, is to launch smart navigation features, with automation and cruise control capabilities.

BlueNav’s primary objective is to help bridge the transition to fully electric boating, with the development of a solution to simplify and streamline boat conversion to hybrid.

The technology used – BlueSpin – introduces a rim-driven electric motor that complements conventional combustion engines, making it suitable for a wide range of medium-sized boats from 8m to 15m long.

This system offers three integration options: it can be installed directly into a boat’s hull, mounted under the hull or attached to a boat’s transom.

The new additional smart navigation technologies complement the BlueSpin technology.

Users’ needs and expectations

“These smart tools are already being utilised within the automotive and maritime industry, so this is aligned with users’ needs and expectations regarding usage,” said Hervé Frouin, BlueNav founder and chief technology officer.  “This is a good way to accompany them in the transition from the combustion world to the electric one.”

The intelligent system combines autopilot and cruise control and replaces manual steering, ensures that the boat maintains course and speed.

The BlueSpin technology comes with an intelligent interface that guides users.

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) provides real-time data analysis, offering captain’s insights into energy consumption and performance optimisation.

Key indicators such as efficiency, current and drift are displayed with an intuitive colour code.

“We use machine learning to automatically adapt to the hull and the boat’s inertia,” added Hervé. A second step is to perform course keeping, as well as implementing automated obstacle avoidance.” The new navigation features will be integrated into the BlueNav HMI from March 2024.


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