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World’s first hydrogen refuelling infrastructure to be installed

NatPower H is collaborating to build the world’s first hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for pleasure boating.

The initial investment of €100 million will involve more than 25 Italian marinas and ports with the aim of reaching at least 100 filling stations in the next six years.

The project is being developed by NatPower H in collaboration with the Italian Tourist Ports Association – Assomarinas, Baglietto Yachts, BluEnergy Revolution Soc. Coop, Bluegame, Fichtner Italia, Linde, Davide Maresca, Servizi Industriali Genova SIGE, TECMA SOLUTIONS S.p.A. and Zaha Hadid Architects.

The first installation is anticipated to be completed by the summer of 2024.

“We believe that hydrogen represents one of the most effective solutions to boost the transition towards complete sustainability of the entire pleasure boating and yachting sector,” said Andrea Minerdo, CEO of NatPower H. “In particular, the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, through fuel cells and electric motors, is proving to be one of the most promising options, offering optimal performance while respecting the environment.”

The initial partnership will last three years during which Assomarinas and NatPowerH will collaborate on rolling out a network of hydrogen refuelling stations for pleasure boats, in addition to continuing technological research in the field of energy transition in the nautical sector.

Energy transition

Assomarinas believes that marinas must be prepared for the energy transition which will in the future involve the use of multiple forms of non-fossil energy.

“Hydrogen, used both in thermal engines and through electrochemical systems defined as fuel cells, is destined to play a primary role, and we are therefore grateful to Natpower for having promptly taken steps to develop and propose perfectly suited distribution network typologies,” said Roberto Perocchio, president of Assomarinas.

The organisations state that there is a commitment from boatbuilders to build increasingly sustainable boats.

There is also an increasing number of marine protected areas that have a ban on diesel engines being used which is pushing the mmarine industry towards eco-friendly innovations.

However, the energy transition is slowed down by the lack of infrastructure for the distribution and supply of zero-impact energy sources.

NatPower H is part of the NatPower group.


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