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IGY Marinas and SEA.AI partner

IGY Marinas and SEA.AI have partnered to boost awareness to yacht owners and captains about the availability of new high-tech machine vision technology for their vessels.

The technology is used extensively in the automotive sector, but SEA.AI points out it is still relatively new in the maritime world.

“This technology is completely new and represents a paradigm shift in the maritime sector,” says Hernando Giraldo, president of SEA.AI Americas in Miami.

But he emphasises that machine vision is not a replacement of human operators but an additional tool that empowers crews to make informed decisions.

Situational awareness

Machine vision interprets video flux, applying historical data, information, and annotation to detect floating objects, enhancing situational awareness.

And he says it offers yacht owners and captains a powerful tool to bolster safety measures, providing reliable real-time alerts to mitigate navigational hazards and reinforce security.

Hernando continues: “This partnership will help raise awareness of this technology which not only identifies floating objects but can also enhance comfort, safety and privacy at sea.”

Bert Fowles, IGY Marina’s vice president marketing and sales, added: “We are pleased to introduce SEA.AI’s innovative technology to our network and reinforce IGY Marina’s commitment to pioneering advancements in maritime safety and innovation.”

IGY Marinas operates 22 marinas across 13 countries with more than 8,000 customers.


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