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Motorboat driver prosecuted by PHC

The owner of a small motorboat has been prosecuted by Poole Harbour Commissioners for speeding and reckless behaviour.

The incident took place on August 6 when the motorboat was recorded by Poole Harbour harbour patrol officers speeding at 30 knots inward through the harbour entrance before performing a full lap at speed around a 154m long cargo ship which was underway outbound through the harbour’s narrow channel.

The motorboat was recorded cutting across within 20 metres of the ship’s bow before being finally stopped by patrol officers.

The case was heard at Poole Magistrates court on the 29 November 2023 where Hector Sainsbury pled guilty to breaching Poole Harbour Byelaws.

Educate users

He must now pay a total of £2,416 including a £220 fine, £88 victim surcharge and a £1,800 contribution towards legal costs.

“PHC will continue to educate users of their duty of care and raise awareness of the Byelaws put in place to protect them, our wildlife, the environment, and other harbour users,” Harry Gregory, Harbour Master for Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC). “We hope this latest prosecution will serve as a further warning to others.

“The rules are in place to protect lives and ensure that all harbour users enjoy their time on the water safely. If you break the rules, we will take action in an average of four prosecutions per season.”

PHC’s patrol officers wear body cameras and CCTV is in operation around the Harbour to document unlawful behaviour.


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