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Three-year partnership for Robosys Automation

AI maritime autonomy company, Robosys Automation, has announced a three-year partnership with the Australian Maritime College’s (AMC) Search.

As part of the partnership, the college will enhance maritime autonomous surface ships MASS certified training to drive remote operator training on a worldwide scale.

Robosys Automation and AMC have previously carried out trials together spanning crewed and uncrewed scenarios.

The trials featured Robosys’ AI-driven maritime autonomy software suite, VOYAGER AI, which enables ‘traditional’ crewed vessels and USVs to become fully remote controllable from a mothership or shoreside, with added features such as collision avoidance and decision aids.

Deep expertise

The MASS trials were undertaken from AMC Search’s Maritime Simulation Centre, with scenarios conducted in isolation, and as a mixed human-machine environment, spanning different shipping situations.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Robosys Automation because of their deep expertise in this area,” said AMC Search’s simulation and autonomous maritime instructor, Nick Bonser. “They are dynamic and agile, with the ability to support our cutting-edge simulator operations and MASS operator training syllabus, along with delivering collision avoidance decision aid (CADA) capability for our students.”

And he explained that AMC Search selected Robosys’ VOYAGER AI software for the delivery of its training programs because it provides simple, flexible mission and user-defined operational settings for both manned and unmanned systems. Robosys’ CSO, Nigel Lee, added: “The team at Robosys looks forward to building upon this mutually beneficial long-term partnership with AMC Search, where we can jointly improve the safety and efficiency of sustainable and smart future maritime operations.”


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