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New approach to hydrogen storage and transportation

Hydrexia has developed a new approach for hydrogen storage and transportation – using magnesium-based solid-state technology.

The new technology could help pave the way for hydrogen to become more widely adopted by the marine industry.

Hydrexia has developed products constructed using its magnesium-based alloys which effectively absorb and release hydrogen through hydrogenation and dehydrogenation processes under certain pressure and temperature conditions.

Through this technological breakthrough, Hydrexia says it will expand the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy source.

The company has developed containers that are suitable to be transported by road, water and railway and that can also be stacked for more hydrogen storage.

“As the hydrogen infrastructure continues to expand, the containers could be employed in hydrogen refuelling stations,” said a company spokesperson. “These stations can store hydrogen on-site in a safe and compact manner, facilitating convenient refuelling for hydrogen-powered vehicles and supporting the growth of the hydrogen economy.”

The spokesperson added: “The ground-breaking magnesium-based solid-state hydrogen storage technology is expected to significantly enhance the utilisation of hydrogen energy across multiple industries, leading to expansive market opportunities and widespread adoption in diverse sectors.”


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