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Groupe Beneteau enhances Seanapps system

Groupe Beneteau has expanded its Seanapps system with the addition of 12 new sensors.

The application, which monitors and predicts maintenance of its boats, was first launched in 2019.

It is now available on more than 8,000 boats with the new sensors designed to enhance safety and comfort on board and to reduce the environmental footprint of boats.

Owners worldwide will be able to access more information about their boat such as energy performance, access points, temperature and humidity in real time directly from a smartphone.

The development is part of Beneteau’s ambition to equip 20,000 boats by 2025, and eventually connect its entire network to Seanapps.

“The use of data collected thanks to the increasingly advanced functionalities of our Seanapps connected application enables us to offer a more comfortable, safer, and more environmentally friendly sailing experience,” said Gianguido Girotti, general manager of Groupe Beneteau’s Boat Division.

Revolutionary database

“With this application, Groupe Beneteau has the largest connected fleet in the world. This enables us to feed a revolutionary database that guides our product teams in the development of new models.”

The analyses provided by Seanapps plays an essential role in the integration of the environmental dimension in Groupe Beneteau, and will enable the boatbuilder to achieve its environmental preservation and sustainability objectives, in line with its global B-Sustainable initiative.

By integrating the data from the design process, the Groupe Beneteau says it is actively committed to meeting environmental challenges while responding to the needs of boaters.

Groupo Beneteau also aims to actively engage in dialogue with key players such as non-governmental organisations and the scientific community, in order to work together to address key issues such as oceanographic research, water quality and the protection of biodiversity.


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