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UK’s first sustainable powerboat race takes place

The UK’s first sustainable fuel powerboat race has taken place, hosted by the Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club (WMBRC).

All the petrol-engine boats were required to run on Sustain Super 80 racing fuel from Coryton.

The fuel is miscible with fossil fuels and can be used in the boats without any modifications to the engines.

The fuel is chemically identical to fossil, but instead is made from agricultural and forestry waste which would otherwise end up in landfill or be left to rot, producing the greenhouse gas methane.

In addition, a sustainably fuelled catamaran also raced against an electric Nissan Leaf-powered Formula 2 catamaran showing green technology’s future in the sport.

“The marine industry is currently behind land transportation in its development and adoption of sustainable technologies,” explained Adam Brown, chair of racing at WMBRC.

“By creating a sustainable race event on Lake Windermere, we hope to further the development of sustainable technologies that can subsequently be adopted – initially within the sport of powerboat racing but also more broadly.”

WMBRC is working with the Lake District National Park to explore sustainable technologies alongside a joint ambition to reach carbon net zero in the future.


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