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Largest Archipelago yacht launched

Archipelago Yachts has launched its latest vessel, the Archipelago 80.

The addition to the range is the largest leisure vessel in the line-up. It was built upon a Chartwell Marine hull form utilised extensively in the offshore wind industry, created to be a go-anywhere, do-anything vessel, combined with the ability to be owner-operated.

The vessel is equipped with a fuel capacity of up to 20,000 litres and a payload capacity of 16 tonnes and is suitable for any weather and all conditions.

The vessel additionally offers an optional high-capacity helipad situated on the top deck.

The Archipelago 80 has a top speed of around to 30 knots and has diesel-electric propulsion as standard.

Other key features of the vessel include accommodation for up to 12 people, a shallow draft of 1m, 20kW solar panelling and various propulsion options available, including waterjets, and variable pitch propellers, tailored to specific requirements.

The vessel also has a payload capacity of 16 tonnes complemented by an optional Palfinger long-reach crane.

“The Archipelago 80 represents ultimate versatility in a sub-24m owner-operator platform, and the embodiment of our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences on the water,” said founder of Archipelago, Dr Stephen Weatherley.

“The vessel was designed for a visionary owner who shares our passion for pushing the boundaries of boating. I am very excited to see this project come to life and welcome the customer onboard for some unforgettable journeys at sea.”

“The vessel was designed for a visionary owner who shares our passion for pushing the boundaries of boating.”

In addition, the cockpit of the Archipelago 80 has a working area equipped with tie-down points, for expedition gear or superyacht toys.

And a knuckle boom Palfinger crane and reinforced deck structure facilitate the transportation of a 20ft ISO container or other heavy-duty equipment.

For added safety, high bulwarks envelop the sides, while in the bow, there is an optional davit-style crane.

There is the option of integrating a hot tub into the structure, along with the ability to deploy a paravane kite for decreased fuel consumption and redundancy.

A Portuguese bridge provides additional security, while the boat’s roof area accommodates solar panels or extra storage facilitated by the knuckle boom crane.

Inside there is an open-plan salon complete with a bar and day galley, and several cabins for guests and crew, complemented by a main galley and a combined laundry or workspace.

The wheelhouse serves as an adaptable living space, featuring a bar and entertaining area on its shaded balcony.


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