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OutSail launches in the UK

Silent Yachting has been appointed as the UK’s sales partner for OutSail.

OutSail launched its carbon fibre airfoil wing concept to the European market at the 2024 boot Düsseldorf.

The wing was on board the Outsail 60 catamaran, concealed within a box in order to lose minimal living space on board.

It is the brainchild of Outsail’s founder and CEO, Arpan Rau, a robotics engineer who has designed flight hardware for NASA and SpaceX.

Other key figures include the company’s chief technical officer, Joseph Oorebeek, who has a Ph.D. in aerodynamics from the Cambridge University and helped design components used in Tesla’s Model 3.

Autonomous applications

Also, Outsail’s chief engineer, Bailey Da Costa, who previously worked at AEye, which works on autonomous applications, and Impossible Aerospace, which specialises in electric aircraft technology.

The aim of the company is to apply the technology that has been developed across the maritime industry – including yachts, container-shipping and defence industries – to reduce the amount of diesel fuel currently used.

The sails are autonomous, adjusting themselves to wind strength and direction. And the wings can generate up to 30kw of solar power whilst under way or at anchor.

“It is a retractable solar wingsail designed to provide next generation sailing solutions for all vessels,” explained Nathan Baker, Silent Yachting founder. “It’s now possible with the help of some very clever Space X and NASSA engineers from OutSail Technologies to deploy a solar wing sail out from underneath a table that will also trim itself to the prevailing conditions – even reefing itself when required – whilst also adding 30kW of solar power to your yacht’s power bank over the day.”


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