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SF Marine partners with Audacious Marine

Leisure marine boat manufacturer SF Marine has partnered with power catamaran builder Audacious Marine.

SF Marine was founded four years’ ago by Steve Foulis who has now been appointed general manager of Audacious Marine.

“SF Marine has become a symbol of British craftsmanship and design excellence,” explained Steve. “The company takes immense pride in its British roots, and every boat they produce showcases the finest workmanship that the country has to offer.

“We’ve gained great momentum in bringing new designs and concepts to the leisure market.

“Audacious Marine is a long-established manufacturer of power catamarans in the UK mainly aimed at the commercial market, building for commercial fisherman, charter and survey vessels, so it’s a perfect fit.”

Optimum performance

SF Marine craft are designed by John Moxham and include four models, the Hurricane 21 Cuddy and Hurricane 21 CC boats, the Hellraiser 223 and the Tornado 28.

The boatbuilder has also developed a further model that will feature a deep V offshore plaining hull for optimum performance, stability, and manoeuvrability.

The 21ft long craft will be suitable for a range of activities.

Features will include a 21-degree deadrise for stability and a smooth rise.

The boat will also have an engine pod installed drawing inspiration from the American style which will lead to an expansion of the boat’s deck space.

The partnership with Audacious Marine is aimed at re-releasing the Cougar brand to the leisure marine market.

The Cougar catamaran River Runner
The Cougar catamaran River Runner

“We are bringing knowledge from the recreational and commercial market together under one roof to assist in the build and production of high-quality vessels,” explained Steve. “The well-established staff and facility in Ramsgate operated by Audacious marine is now helping facilitate higher production needs for SF range of boats and we’re now offering one of the largest ranges of boats produced in the market.”

The existing SF facilities at Portsmouth will also continue to operate and the two entities will also have access to a further facility at Shoreham by Sea where the 21ft Cougar 21 workboats will be built by Steve’s father Paul Foulis at Sovereign Workboats.

The Cougar 21 is an electric propulsion tugboat with a displacement hull.

Discussions are underway with potential partners to continue to develop eco-friendly and low carbon footprint work vessels, small tugboats for harbours and inland waterways.

These will use the latest technology to reduce the vessels’ carbon footprint.

“We know these technologies are yet to be perfected and are not always the most affordable options, but as a race we must try and use, develop and learn from these processes to grow and create more efficient systems for the longevity of our industry,” explained Steve.


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