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Cardinal Sin reflects on the year

As I sit here in Vatican City under the summer sun, I dwell on the year we have had and that about to come.

The year just past started with optimism combined with good will, followed by gnawing uncertainty and finally into good old fashioned British pragmatism chasing a better future to come.

If only we had a crystal ball to predict what the next year will bring and start to react sooner.

But however, we do have history to guide us and show us the way. Remember the hard lessons to get ready for the improvement which is sure to come – in the end…

Limited options

Getting back to my dwelling while sitting here, I observe an interesting cultural effect which we often over-look or even scoff at in our United Kingdom – international visitors staying together identifying their groups under a common banner and colour, while the British wander around as individuals.

Does this give us in the UK a continued disadvantage in business with the culture of going it alone, creating too many limited options – too few complete solutions and answers?

Maybe we need to become more European in our business outlook to create that complete solution, while retaining the best of our innovation and skills.

Let’s create the ability join business offerings up and take what we have in the UK to the big wide world, individually we are good, together we really would be great!

Step forward those who will lead this change be brave stand out do something good and different the results will come.

I look forward to seeing you during the show season, starting at the excellent boot Düsseldorf boat show, lets catch up for a chat, I will be the one in cardinal red…


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