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New diesel outboard set for release in 2024

Caudwell Marine’s new V6 diesel outboard engine is set for release in 2024.

The 300hp motor aims to deliver power, performance, manoeuvrability and efficiency to all boat users looking for a durable and reliable outboard solution.

The turbo-charged powerhead delivers 590nm of torque at 2,200rpm and features a marine proven, cast-iron long block, developed to be capable of withstanding intense duty cycles along with an advanced closed loop cooling system.

The motor features a patented integrated steering system known as the ‘Axis Drive’. This electro-hydraulic steering system articulates steering from the lower part of the outboard leg only, with the powerhead and ‘upper’ leg section remaining stationary in the turn.

The Axis Drive steering system operates at a 120-degree angle, ensuring propellers are deployed to effectively deliver power throughout the turn, providing full control at both high and low speeds and in all conditions.


The axis-drive steering system has a contra-rotating dual propeller setup, which transfers the power of the outboard to the water with added grip and balanced torque, while also increasing fuel efficiency.

The marine focused gearbox features a twin clutch system, and the proportional hydraulic technology within the gearbox allows independent control of the two clutches.

The engine’s cowling features a service hatch for maintenance of key components such as the water pump, along with the ability to evacuate and replace both engine oil and lower unit oil from the back of the vessel.

Caudwell Marine's outboard has engine has undergone more than 19,000 hours of sea trials
Caudwell Marine’s outboard has engine has undergone more than 19,000 hours of sea trials

The vessel control system has an electronic stop/start, anti-theft functionality, MFD outputs and multi-helm station options.

A joystick control package with dynamic positioning is available as an additional option.

The engine has undergone more than 19,000 hours of sea trials, as well as 4,000 hours of dedicated lab-based testing.

And the design validation programme has included structural tests, log-strike tests, wave hops tests, hot and cold environment tests, impact assessments and corrosion tests.

Designed to enhance productivity and minimise costs and downtime for marine operators,

Caudwell Marine was founded by UK billionaire, John Caudwell.


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