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Historic Italian shipyard expands its facilities and model range

Cantieri di Pisa is continuing with its expansion plans, with the boatbuilder set to not only modernise and expand its Pisa headquarters, but also its range of models.

Work is underway to grow the facilities to an area exceeding 50,000sqm, fulfilling the industrial plan of owner Enrico Gennasio and CEO Marco Massabò, which aims to return Cantieri di Pisa to the prestige of its past.

The next step will be to expand the range to a fleet of ten models in steel, aluminium and carbon fibre, inspired by the shipyard’s historic yachts.

Over the last two years, the shipyard has invested 6 million euros, with further investment planned to expand and renovate the facilities.

The works are part of a multi-year plan to relaunch the brand, promoted by the new ownership, which is represented by Enrico Gennasio, who took over the shipyard in 2021, and CEO Marco Massabò.

The modernisation project includes maintaining the offices in the main warehouse as the historic area, lengthening this structure and raising it to 20m in height.

Cantieri di Pisa facilities are expanding to an area exceeding 50,000sqm
Cantieri di Pisa facilities are expanding to an area exceeding 50,000sqm

Another existing structure will be extended, again to a height of 20m, and a new shed will be built alongside it.

These two buildings will be connected by a covered structure 20m tall and 14m wide, dedicated to the passage of yachts.

In total, the production facilities and administrative spaces will occupy an area of 17,500sqm, with 900sqm be dedicated to offices.

The facilities will also include a 600-linear-meter equipped dock, a 300-ton travel lift, a 20-ton crane and a 300-ton boat trailer.

In addition to yacht design and construction, Cantieri di Pisa will also offer a refitting service with an 18,000sqm space set aside for this work.

The renovation of the shipyard – that was founded in 1945 – is the first step in the plans drawn up by the new ownership to return the shipyard that created the celebrated Akhir series to its heyday.

“We have been working hard for two years, fine-tuning what will be the new iconic lines of Cantieri di Pisa,” explained Marco.


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