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Videoworks expands its orderbook

Videoworks is expanding its orderbook hand in hand with an expansion of its internal management organisation.

In the Netherlands, a system engineering team has been created, while in Italy technical and engineering staff are being hired with 18 new staff joining the company in 2023 alone.

Currently production capacity for the company that marked its 25th anniversary in 2023 stands at 80%.

The company installs audio/video, entertainment, IT, connectivity, lighting and comfort systems and works with shipyards worldwide.

“Videoworks develops its innovation projects based on the experience of the past, understood as the desire to avoid making the same mistakes again,” says Maurizio Minossi, CEO of Videoworks. “There is always the opportunity to critically review what has been done so far and try to improve.”

Significant growth

Stefan Nieuwenhuys, general manager of Videoworks Europe BV, added: “We at Videoworks appreciate the trust that the market has in us, which has led to a significant growth in the order book and to doubling the size of the team.”

He added: “Guided by our philosophy, which requires us to be prepared to anticipate possible customer requests, we not only satisfy, but we strive to exceed their expectations with our working methods and our flexibility.”

The new organisational structure consists of Giovanni Varone who has taken the role of Yachting Sales Manager with commercial responsibility for Italy, Turkey and any other markets that will be placed under the responsibility of Videoworks S.p.A.

Alessio Musetti has been appointed Group Yachting Service Division and Refitting Manager responsible for the after sales service and dealing with ships/shipyards regarding all their requests for upgrades. And Diego Tavaroli is now the Group Yachting System Engineering Manager responsible for the development of skills and resources for all the system engineers.


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