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Dufour introduces Smart Electric solution

Dufour Yachts has introduced its Smart Electric solution incorporating a hybrid electric motor.

The system will work by using the batteries to not only power the electric motor but also serving as an energy source for all onboard systems.

The bank of lithium-ion and phosphate batteries will be charged by a 16kW generator.

Like traditional diesel engines, users will be able to use the electric motor for propulsion while the generator charges the batteries.

Silent Mode can be used for around 35-40 nautical miles.

Electric power

In hybrid mode, users will be able to apply electric power to assist their passage speed for up to 12 hours if harnessing wind power becomes challenging.

The charging system will operate automatically, with the generator activating when battery capacity reaches 30%, typically replenishing the batteries in between four to six hours.

The propeller will also act as a hydro generator while sailing, contributing to battery charge.

Solar panels can offer an extra charging source, and when docked, shore power can recharge the batteries.

The battery capacity will support overnight operation of a full air conditioning system without needing recharging.

The Smart Electric solution is available on the Dufour 530, Dufour 470, Dufour 44, and Dufour 41.


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