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Construction of luxury marina to rival Dubai and Monaco begins

Construction has begun on a new marina in Vilamoura, Portugal, as part of a €23 million project that managers hope will rival Dubai and Monaco.

The marina will include three pontoons with 68 berths for larger vessels of between 20 and 40 metres in length, all equipped with the latest technology.

“It is a direct response to the segment’s accelerated growth, and a way to strengthen the destination’s capacity to attract more and more high-value clients,” said a statement from the marina management company, Vilamoura World.

“Each mooring berth will have multiple solutions to promote comfort and sustainability. This includes individual pump-out systems for all vessels, allowing the collection of wastewater, charging points for electric boats, and systems for monitoring and remote management of water and electricity consumption.”

The works will involve carrying out improvements to an older docking area that was previously used for fishing vessels.

Individual berths will have their own pump-out system together with remote monitoring and management of water and electricity consumption.

There are also plans to implement desalination systems and photovoltaic energy generation.

Work on the marina is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The existing Vilamourna Marina, which has spaces for more than 800 smaller vessels from 6m to 60m in length will remain.


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