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New three blade propeller from Flexofold

Folding propeller company, Flexofold, has launched the latest addition to its product line-up, the Flexofold 3-Blade Composite Saildrive Propeller.

The propeller, which builds on the company’s Flexofold 2-Blade Composite Saildrive Propeller, is engineered with a focus on reducing weight without compromising performance.

The hub is made from lightweight composite material which makes it almost immune to electrolysis. The lightweight construction also makes it a suitable match for electric motors, with the reduced weight enabling electric motors to start and power the propeller more easily, enhancing its overall efficiency.

The blades are manufactured using Flexofold’s copper alloy.

The propeller construction minimises the risk of electrical transfer from the saildrive to the blades, enhancing the durability of the propeller and ensuring longevity of the saildrive system.

“Our commitment to innovation and quality has been a key factor in the development of the Flexofold 3-Blade Composite Saildrive Propeller, which addresses the unique requirements of modern sailing,” says Henning Uldall, CEO of Flexofold. “We believe this propeller will not only improve the performance of sailboats but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient boating experience.”


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