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Falmouth Harbour partners with Cleaner Seas Group

Falmouth Harbour has partnered with the Cleaner Seas Group, installing green tech filters in its marina amenity centre to prevent plastic microfibres from clothes washing into the sea.

Each of the industrial Indikon microfibre filters attached to the harbour’s washing machines should prevent around 91 million microfibres a year from entering and polluting the water.

“Washing our clothes seems a harmless enough activity, but if we all took steps to prevent the microfibres from our washing machines entering our oceans we could collectively make a vast reduction in the amount of pollution affecting ecosystems, marine life, and our food chain,” said Falmouth Harbour’s environment manager Vicki Spooner.

“By partnering with the Cleaner Seas Group – as the first harbour authority in the world to do so – we want to spread the word and awareness of what every household could do in a small way to become part of a solution to a major problem.”

Dave Miller, co-founder and CEO of Cleaner Seas Group, added: “Research is growing and microfibres have now been found in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe.

“Everyone can do their bit, and, in this case, it is game-changing to partner with Falmouth Harbour.”

Falmouth Harbour’s partnership with the Cleaner Seas Group is among several environmental harbour initiatives.


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