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New 40kW electric outboard from ePropulsion

Marine electric propulsion systems manufacturer, ePropulsion, has launched its new X40 electric outboard.

The X40 offers 40kW of power with 88.2% total powertrain efficiency.

Using a proprietary algorithm, ePropulsion has also optimised more than 20 key variables to achieve hydrodynamic efficiency in the X40’s propeller.

“The X40 is the next evolution in electric outboards of its size, showcasing the highest level of ePropulsion’s R&D capacity,” said Danny Tao, ePropulsion CEO and co-founder. “We are always looking to innovate, not just to match what is available for standard internal combustion outboards, but to move beyond their capabilities and provide real, enhanced performance, while also providing a quiet, clean and powerful alternative for propulsion.”

The outboard features a compact design that integrates electric steering, power trim/tilt, electric control unit (ECU) and motor controller into a single unit.

Safe connection

The ePropulsion Smart System Architecture (eSSA) supports simple and safe connection of various components and enables integration with renewable energy sources.

It has been designed for easy operation with a digital helm and smart throttle delivering instant digital feedback.

The X40’s electric steering system eliminates the need for hydraulic components and

serves as a gateway to a suite of advanced driving assistance systems.

A built-in connectivity service offers real-time status, advanced monitoring, reporting and trip tracking.

In addition, ePropulsion has incorporated frequency resonance isolation and vibration dampening technology.

 Other features include a 96V electrical platform complying with the latest IEC standards. The outboard is IP67 waterproof and has a minimum service life of 5,000 hours.


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