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eD-TEC to research next generation electric propulsion

Electric drive company eD-TEC is partnering with a German university to research and develop advanced e-propulsion systems and vessels.

The collaboration with Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) will focus on new solutions for hull, foil, propeller and system software design.

It will cover five key objectives including enhancing and optimising hull design and technology to mitigate hull friction and increase a vessel’s range.

The enhancement of system functionality as a whole and improving overall operational performance will also be researched.

“The system developed by eD-TEC takes several massive steps forward in electric vessel propulsion, and it opens up an exciting new field of innovation and development in hull, foil and propeller design – elements to which the university is ideally suited to explore,” explained Professor Bastian Gruschka, Dean of the Faculty of Nature and Technology at HSB.

eD-TEC's electric drive system
eD-TEC’s electric drive system

“The opportunity to rethink conventional approaches to hull design, to develop new foil technologies, to experiment with propeller design and to delve into software optimisation is core to what HSB does, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of our research and

collaboration in helping to shape the next generation of super-efficient, high-performance and long-range electric vessels.”

In addition, the research will look at propeller design and the optimisation of performance in electrical systems together with developing a surface-piercing propeller designed to enhance efficacy.

“Our new collaboration with HSB is hugely exciting both for what it means for the future of

All-electric vessels and for what it says about eD-TEC’s eD-QDrive system and its potential to transform a sector of the marine industry,” added Marc Jost, chief strategy officer at eD-TEC.


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