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Additional funding for X Shore

X Shore has secured fresh funding of €8.5 million.

The Swedish technology company says the investment reaffirms its vision and fuels its journey towards a cleaner, greener future on the water.

The boatbuilder has also been named an EU Blue Champion by the European Commission and European Investment Bank.

“It´s extremely gratifying to receive this recognition for our work to decarbonise the marine industry,” said X Shore CEO René Hansen.

“Boating has, for too long, been a source of pollution and waste, and X Shore is committed to cleaning up our waters and maintaining the sanctity of our natural environment by reducing carbon emissions and reducing noise pollution. We believe that the future of boating will be much more harmonious compromise with nature.”

And he explained that with the support of investors and partners, including founder Konrad Bergström, X Shore is ready to accelerate innovation, enhance its product offerings, and drive sustainable performance. 

The recognition highlights the boatbuilder’s commitment to revolutionising the maritime industry through sustainability.

“As pioneers in sustainable boating, we’re proud to contribute to restoring marine ecosystems, eliminating pollution, and decarbonising the blue economy,” added a company spokesperson.

“As we embark on this exciting chapter, we remain committed to reducing carbon emissions, combating noise pollution, and leading the charge towards a more sustainable future. Together, we’ll continue to make boating one with nature, with our functional design, innovating technology, and an unwavering dedication to a sustainable future.”

X Shore launched its first prototype in 2018, with the first production series of the Eelex 8000 launched in 2020.

The boatbuilder now three models, the X Shore 1, the X Shore PRO and the Eelex 8000 and has retailers around the world.


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