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MAN Engines are clean air approved

MAN Engines has been certified clean air approved, with engines based on the manufacturer’s EPA Tier 4 engines complying with strict emission requirements.

The company has been awarded California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved – a Commercial Harbor Craft (CHC) regulation that was updated in 2023 to reduce emissions from vessels used near the California coast.

The approval is given to engines that have been equipped and certified by the manufacturer with diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reaction (SCR) systems.

For alternative approval of engines with higher limits of the CARB CHC Level 3, test runs and durability tests must be carried out to obtain certification of after-market solutions for DPF.

EPA Tier 4 emissions standard sets a limit for particulate matter of 0.04 g/kWh, while the CARB CHC standard reduces this limit to 0.0067 g/kWh. The limit values for nitrogen oxides (NOx) are 1.8 g/kWh.

“The In-Use Performance Standard further tightens the requirements for engines in operation, making it the best choice for sustainable drives,” explained Werner Kübler, head of engineering at MAN Engines. “With the outstanding values of our solutions, we are once again demonstrating the market leadership of MAN Engines.”

The revised CHC regulation is expected to result in an 89% reduction in diesel black particulate matter and a 52% reduction in nitrogen oxides by 2035.

The CHC includes various types of vessels, including tugboats/tugboats, ferries, pilot vessels, workboats, barges, dredging vessels, research vessels, crew and supply vessels, excursion boats, charter fishing boats, and commercial fishing vessels.


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