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Petrol to electric re-power collaboration

Xantrex and six marine industry organisations led by Yanmar Mastry Engine Centre have completed a petrol-to-electric repower initiative.

The vessel, Ally’s Way, is a 1985 34ft Sea Ray cruiser operated by Eckerd College’s non-profit Scubi Jew organisation for its Tampa Bay coral reef restoration efforts, in partnership with Repair the Sea.

The initiative was launched in 2021 when Repair the Sea CEO/Rabbi Ed Rosenthal contacted Yanmar Mastry Engine Centre’s electric hybrid manager Nancy Frainetti regarding electric repower options for Scubi Jew’s primary dive boat.

Intrigued by the organisation’s mission and its desire to repower the cruiser’s large petrol engines to clean electric propulsion, Nancy invited marine power partners Vetus Maxwell and Xantrex to collaborate.

“What better way for the club and its certified divers to clean the Tampa Bay reefs than with clean technology,” said Nancy, who headed the three-year effort. “It’s exciting to bring this project to fruition and to provide the latest technological advancements to benefit such a worthwhile organisation that does so much to improve the area’s marine environment.”

Mitul Chandrani, Xantrex marketing VP, added: “Our sales and technical teams collaborated closely with all stakeholders to create an electric system for the organisation’s truly noble cause.

“We are very pleased to have been part of this proactive effort to deliver an improved, emission-free propulsion system powered by Xantrex lithium-ion batteries.

“We’ve not only improved the vessel to champion Scubi Jew’s environmental efforts, but together we’ve shown what can be achieved when marine companies unite and bring innovation to protect our waterways.”

Four additional marine companies also contributed to the project through equipment donations and/or discounts, labour and facility access including Glendinning Products, The Yacht Rigger, TRP Marine and the Harborage High and Dry.


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