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New ultra-ergonomic outboard from TEMO

The new TEMO 1000 is the larger, more powerful sibling of the TEMO 450. 

The latest model is an ultra-ergonomic electric outboard designed for large dinghies with up to six crew and sailing boats up to 8m. 

The motor is portable and silent with 1.1kW power, comparable to 3.5hp. 

It’s adaptable and designed to fit any transom with a universal mounting bracket allowing it to be easily installed.

The design integrates the removable battery, propulsion unit, retractable tiller and all the electronics, with no external connectors or cables needed.

The TEMO 1000 weighs 10kg plus a 5kg removable cassette battery and comes with a 360° rotating bracket.

The mounting system allows the engine to be easily raised and lowered, and at increments for shallow waters.

The mounting point can also be adjusted on the engine regardless of the transom design of the boat meaning there is no need to choose between long and short shaft – the TEMO 1000 can cover lengths ranging from 42cm to 62cm.

The engine is rated to IP67, and the battery is 100% waterproof. 

The motor has a charging time of five hours with 220V and a range of around 60 minutes.


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