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Kraken Yachts expands production facilities

Kraken Yachts is to expand its production, customer support, and after-sales centres in Poland and Gibraltar.

The boatbuilder has chosen Augustow and Gdansk in Poland for the expansion of its production, with Augustow set to become the new production hub for the Kraken 50, allowing the boatbuilder to accelerate its production timeline for the model.

The expansion will also allow Kraken to bring forward the development and production programme for its forthcoming Kraken 44, with production now set to begin in the last quarter of 2025, for deliveries in early 2026.

The yacht builder says it conducted an extensive search to provide ‘continued excellence in craftsmanship and production quality, matched with the diligence and work ethic we demand at Kraken in producing the world’s safest cruising yachts’.

Build slots for the Kraken 50 will start in 2025.

Kraken’s Bodrum facility in Turkey will focus on producing the New Kraken 58, the first of which, SY Hebe, will launch this summer.

In addition, Kraken has opened a new Kraken sales and customer support centre in Gibraltar which will allow Kraken owners to be able to take delivery of their new yacht from the area.

Kraken 50, or 44, owners will also be able to opt to take delivery in Gdansk, Poland.

Kraken 58 owners will be able to choose to take delivery in Gibraltar, or Bodrum Turkey. Kraken Yachts are designed by Dibley Yacht Design.


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