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Golden Manufacturing appoints three new VPs

Golden Manufacturing, aluminium boat lifts and dock solutions manufacturer, has added three VPs to its staff.

Amber Clark, who has worked for Golden for more than 20 years, has been named the new VP of administration.

In her tenure with the company, she’s moved through bookkeeping, sales and design roles, and earned a college degree.

In her new position, she will develop, implement and manage all administrative, insurance and HR policies and procedures, as well as overseeing Department of Transportation and legal issues.

Devin Garrison has been appointed VP of operations. He joined Golden nearly nine years ago in a general labour position and has since been promoted several times, proving himself at each level.

The experience he has gained provides him with an unparalleled understanding of Golden’s product line and its R&D and manufacturing procedures.

Operating costs

He will oversee processes, capacity planning and resource allocation to provide maximum efficiency, while further reducing operating costs.

In addition, his remit will include controlling strict quality control measures that exceed industry and customer standards.

Don Lunardini is now VP of sales and marketing. Prior to joining Golden, Don had numerous managerial roles within the tire business, including at Michelin.

The experience gained will enable him to develop and implement new sales and marketing strategies at Golden, supervise its regional teams, coordinate public relations and provide input into product development.

“I’m excited by these three appointments and the dynamic team we’ve built,” said Bill Golden, company president.

“We’ve positioned ourselves to be a forward-leaning company that will continue to innovate and radically redefine boat lifts and dock solutions for decades to come.”


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