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New Brain from SEA.AI

SEA.AI has expanded its machine vision technology to third-party thermal cameras with the launch of Brain.

Brain complements its current radar, AIS and telemetrics systems by constantly scanning the horizon and automatically alerting the bridge to any surface dangers or anomalies.

The system has been developed using six years’ of on and offline maritime surface data.

“All sailors take comfort and pride in comprehensive information delivered at the right time. No detail is too small if it ensures the safety of the crew, the vessel and the cargo,” explained Marcus Warrelmann, CEO at SEA.AI.

Brain works by boosting current optical systems providing complete vision under all circumstances and conditions.

The system has been developed to detect floating objects on the water’s surface – whether in large swells or at night, whether the object is a small watercraft, debris, lost cargo or a person.

The SEA.AI software will then automatically alert the bridge.

“Shipping lanes are more crowded and there is simply more junk floating on our waters,” added Solenn Gouerou, head of marketing at SEA.AI.

“Our goal was to develop a complementary technology to third-party thermal cameras leveraging AI and cutting-edge optics to see further and more confidently.”

SEA.AI Brain is available for third party IP cameras supporting ONVIF S standards in Summer 2024.


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