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New compact UV ballast water treatment system

BIO-UV Group has introduced one of the smallest UV ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) available on the market.

The new BIO-SEA L01-0030 Mini – more compact than the company’s existing low-flow BIO-SEA L range – is a fully automated filtration + UV-based system designed to treat ballast water flow rates between 13m3/h and 30m3/h.

“We have been able to reduce system footprint and overall size without impacting performance,” explained Pierre Decloedt, technical director, BIO-SEA by BIO-UV Group. “Essentially, what we have done is added component flexibility and reduced the height of the system – a key consideration when trying to fit a ballast water treatment system into a small machinery space. The L01-0030 Mini is the smallest, most compact BWTS we have designed for this market sector.”

He added: “There are always space constraints, even on newbuild yachts. But we have listened to builders, managers, and owners to produce a compact, completely automated, plug-in-and-play BWTS that meets their dimensional and performance requirements.”

The development of the product stems from a technical management company’s request to source a BWTS compatible with the machinery space dimensions of a yacht undergoing refit.

The system is chemical-free, with no active substances or by-products. It has been tested in low UV water transmittance conditions with performance unaffected by water temperature and salinity.


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