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First electric boat from Zephyr Boats

Spanish boatbuilder Zephyr Boats has launched its first 100% electric production boat.

The Zephyr 800 Eco, currently being tested on the Costa Brava, has been developed from scratch to be electric, with its dimensions and space designed to make the most of the electric propulsion system technology.

The boat has a total length of 8.93m and a beam of 2.94m, providing space for up to 12 passengers.

The craft’s hull has been designed for optimal low resistance and maximum efficiency giving the boat an optimal cruising speed of 20 knots using 168kW of power with a maximum speed of up to 25 knots and an estimated range of between 20 to 70 nautical miles depending on the sailing style.

Charging station

Charging can be carried out at direct current fast charging stations with the battery charged from 10% to 80% in less than 30 minutes, depending on the power of the charging station.

In addition, charging via alternating current is possible. The boat is equipped as standard with a 12kW on-board AC charger with the charging socket at the stern of the boat.

The design of the bridge has been improved by eliminating the analogue indicators, which have been integrated into touch screens.

Features of the boat also include an integrated side fender design for greater safety.

There is also a new texture on the deck floor and an internal 4G modem allows users to stay connected even when they are out of coverage.

Storage capacity includes storage compartments and stowage areas, as well as two chests.

There are two cabins for four people and a galley.

Customisable features include the option to personalise the boat from a range of colours. The shipyard is participating in the Recreational Boat Decarbonisation Project in the framework of the Copa América in Barcelona 2024 promoted by the Barcelona Capital Nàutica Foundation.


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