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Archipelago Yachts partners with Hefring Marine

Archipelago Yachts has partnered with Hefring Marine to use the Icelandic’s company’s Intelligent Marine Assistance System on board its yachts.

Hefring Marine’s system gathers real-time data from vessel motions, engines, and instruments to provide safety and efficiency-optimised speed guidance as decision support to boat operators.

The system uses vessel data and AI to enhance fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and improve comfort and safety for boat operations.

“At Archipelago, we know that safety and comfort on board is a crucial factor to the overall cruising experience,” said Dr Stephen Weatherley, Archipelago Yachts founder. “Our vessels are all designed from the outset to be robust, ocean-going vessels – complementing this philosophy, the IMAS Helm on our yachts will provide further comfort-led guidance, as well as reducing fuel-burn and helping with navigation and maintenance through the latest innovative technology.”

The IMAS solution, comprises the onboard IMAS Helm, which integrates with the onboard chartplotter, and the shore based IMAS Console fleet platform. The system will be rolled out as standard across all Archipelago yachts.

“At Hefring Marine, our mission is to empower vessel operators and managers by enhancing safety, efficiency and sustainability through data-driven insights and intuitive decision support,” said Karl Birgir Björnsson, CEO and co-founder at Hefring Marine. “We are ecstatic about the opportunity to extend these advanced capabilities to Archipelago Yachts and their distinguished clientele.”


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