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New marina planned for Delaware River

One River Development has acquired a six-acre plot of land on the Delaware River in Northeast Philadelphia with the intention of developing a full-service marina and entertainment complex.

One River Marina will feature more than 200 boat slips, shore power, fuel, dry rack storage, swimming pool, several restaurants, parking and a home for the Quaker City Yacht Club.

One River Development is the latest venture from Rodan Enterprises which was founded by Dana and Ron Russikoff, the former owners of the SureShade retractable sunshade product line for boats.

The new marina is set to feature more than 200 boat slips. Image courtesy One River Development
The new marina is set to feature more than 200 boat slips. Image courtesy One River Development

The developers say the central location to existing waterfront destinations will make it an ideal location to revitalise boating on the Delaware River, attracting both land-based residents and traveling waterborne tourists. 

“This is a project years’ in the making and a bold new chapter in the ongoing activation and transformation of our beautiful Delaware River waterfront,” explained Dana.

“It has personal meaning to us as Ron grew up on the Delaware as a member of QCYC, we had our wedding reception in the Hall and we launched the first SureShade from the Point.  But more importantly, this project checks every box for what is surely becoming a new age of ‘nautical tourism’ for the Delaware River – recreation, access, and infrastructure development – for local residents and especially for boaters.”

One River Development is currently in the process of raising public funds and private capital for the marina project.

The development will be carried out in several phases, with the first phase comprising the construction of a new bulkhead, docks, slips, fuel, and boat storage with completion of this phase expected by Spring 2026.


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