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Nautor Swan collaborates with Torqeedo on hybrid-electric maxi yacht

Nautor Swan has collaborated with Torqeedo on the boatbuilder’s first hybrid-electric maxi yacht.

The 88ft yacht DreamCatcher is equipped with a custom developed Torqeedo 120kW electric drive system and 160kWh of energy storage, delivering motoring at a maximum speed of 11.4 knots.

The Deep Blue system electrically powers and centrally manages onboard systems and amenities, for intuitive operation and sustainability.

All controls are integrated into the yacht’s multifunctional displays, through a joint development between Torqeedo, Nautor Swan, and Navico.

The 120kW Deep Blue inboard motor, developed for the Swan 88 by Torqeedo, drives the yacht’s propeller whose pitch and performance characteristics can be changed at the push of a button.

Under power, the system delivers high torque and thrust and is optimised for efficiency. While sailing, the system minimises drag for optimal sailing speed and performance or can be optimised for maximum renewable energy production.

In hydrogeneration mode, Deep Blue’s algorithms monitor and adjust performance several times per second, providing renewable, wind-powered energy production while minimising impact on sailing speed.


At 8 knots sailing speed, the Deep Blue system generates enough power to maintain self-sufficiency.

Charging of the system is carried out using integrated 22kW onboard charger.

Two 45kW generators provide extended-range motoring of around 2,000 nautical miles.

Deep Blue’s energy management system also manages, balances, and delivers energy to the yacht’s onboard systems.

The battery bank powers the propulsion system, and a 50 kW Deep Blue motor keeps the yacht’s hydraulic systems pressurised.

The battery bank provides power for onboard living for up to 12 hours and DC/DC converters ensure the yacht’s 24-volt electrical system and electronics are always online.

Amenities that require a lot of power are also integrated into the Deep Blue energy management infrastructure with a 22kW DC/AC inverter.

“The Swan 88 is the culmination of three years of collaboration between Nautor Swan and Torqeedo’s Customized Solutions team,” said Matthias Vogel, senior vice president of the Customized Solutions business unit for Torqeedo.

“It proves that Deep Blue can achieve similar range and performance as a combustion engine-powered yacht and even be fully independent under good sailing conditions.”


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