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New headquarters for Saxdor Yachts

Saxdor Yachts has moved to its new headquarters in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

The new HQ will also be the base for the brand’s reorganised domestic boat sales.

Since the beginning of December 2023, the Finnish boat manufacturer’s own sales team has been responsible for Saxdor’s retail sales in Finland, since a reseller agreement with VG Boats, which operated in Turku and the capital region, came to an end.

Saxdor has now entered into a new cooperation agreement with partners operating in Helsinki and Turku.

“We want to test a new business model where the boat manufacturer serves customers directly in sales,” said Erna Rusi, CEO of Saxdor Yachts. “This approach brings us in Finland closer to the end users and enables the implementation of a high-quality customer experience.”

And he said that with the strategic change in the consumer sales channel, Saxdor’s goal is to gain a strong foothold in the 32ft – 40ft size in Finland, with the aim of selling between ten and 20 boats a year in the country.

“We look forward to meeting customers in the domestic market and the opportunity to offer individual and first-class customer service. We welcome all new members to the Saxdor family, added Saxdor Yachts sales manager Jon Hautamäki.


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