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Three manufacturing sites sites to close?

AkzoNobel has announced its intention to close three of its manufacturing sites as it seeks to optimise its industrial footprint.

The intention to close the sites at Groot-Ammers (The Netherlands), Cork (Ireland) and Lusaka (Zambia) are the first part of AkzoNobel’s multi-year industrial efficiency plan which is due to be fully finalised by the end of 2026.

Production will be transferred to other locations in the region.

In a statement, Akzo Nobel said: “The intended site closures align with AkzoNobel’s strategic priorities and its commitment to industrial excellence.

“By focusing on units with scale and higher cost efficiencies, AkzoNobel aims to rationalise, upgrade and optimise its industrial network to improve competitiveness and drive sustainable growth.”

AkzoNobel has informed related social partners about the intended closures and the next steps.

Finalisation of the organisation’s plans will follow after consultation processes have been completed with employees and local social partners.


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