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MCI to represent Boatasy in the UK

Marine Components International has been appointed as exclusive UK marine distributor for mooring solutions company Boatasy.

The Boatasy range includes the modular telescopic Dockhook boat hook, Hooklinker, GHOOK med-mooring solution and the Boatasy Ropecleaner.

“Boatasy has taken a completely innovative approach to the design process of a boathook, creating a modular solution that enables safe and speedy mooring or docking whether a buoy, dockside cleat, river pillar or med-mooring, the Boatasy is the only solution you need,” explained MCI sales and marketing manager David Ellis.

“We are very excited by the potential of Boatasy in the UK market. Its team has had great success in recent years and as an established supplier of innovative mooring solutions and with our strong market experience, we are looking forward to working in partnership with Boatasy to help achieve their sales growth ambitions.”

Technical products

Gregor Jeretič Boatasy sales manager added: “Everyone at Boatasy is very excited to be working with MCI, and their expertise in the UK market, not only in distribution, but in sales and the importing of technical products.”

The Boatasy Dockhook is a telescopic pole that enables automatic attachment of loop line simplifying mooring.

A modular addition to the Dockhook is the Boatasy Hooklinker (Snap Hook and LED Flashlight) to enable easy attachment of a mooring line to a buoy or dockside mooring ring.

A further modular addition or one that can be used in isolation is the Boatasy GHOOK which enables users to easily pickup recover and transfer mooring lines without the need for handling the rope.


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