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Yachting Ventures enters US market

Yachting Ventures has collaborated with Seaworthy Collective to launch the inaugural Blue Start-up Pitch Event.

The event will take place at the Miami Boat Show on February 16 2024 and will incorporate pitches from those involved in both ocean and maritime innovation – the blue economy and leisure marine.

“While we’ve made strides in Europe, we haven’t officially tapped into the US market through events and partnerships,” said Yachting Ventures founder Gabbi Richardson. “The Miami International Boat Show is our official entry point. Recognising the potential, we’re teaming up with Seaworthy to create a platform for start-ups to pitch to local investors in Miami.”

She added: “Our goal is to build connections that can turn into valuable, long-term relationships for the start-ups involved.”

And Gabbi explained that ‘blue’ ocean industries collectively comprise more than US$1B worth of venture capital globally.

Blue economy companies and leisure marine companies operate in heavily interconnected industries but have typically operated in their own silos.

“Seaworthy Collective is thrilled to bridge the worlds of yachting and BlueTech for our first major collaboration of 2024,” said Seaworthy Collective founder Daniel Kleinman. “This event creates a new avenue to grow our community and provide founders with an invaluable platform to connect with stakeholders and grow awareness of their critical work.”


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