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View from the Edge

The historic start of the ‘show season’ for the UK marine manufacturing sector started last month, something I am pleased to forgo having retired a couple of years ago, to peruse a more sedimentary life..

However, it strikes me looking in from the edge, that we now live in a word where the season never really starts or ends, where unless you can provide the latest newest thing hell might have to freeze before you can shift the ‘old’ product with any real margin left.

How come we got to this, why do we have to be entertained with the new latest sparkly thing shimmering in the water is it really better than before? Tell me, what ever happened to the long running efficient ‘production runs’ – I blame marketing!

British products

Anyway, you should also ask yourself these coming few months, as you go out to buy your high value items – if you don’t look to buy ‘British products’ then why should your customers?

Do we undermine our own business by not practicing what many like to preach ‘Made in the UK’ -Who cares? So what?

You should question when you buy for yourself where the product really comes from, support your own industry in your own country, expose those ne’er-do-well’s who purport to be selling ‘British’ but clearly are not.. Think before you chink the cash, you should it’s your future.

Remember as they always said, the sun never sets on the marine empire..


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