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New inventions from Marine Innovations

New British company – Marine Innovations Ltd – made its debut at this year’s Southampton International Boat Show with a range of inventions designed to make life on a boat safer, easier and even more enjoyable.

Bradley Davis, MD of Marine Innovations, based in Lincolnshire, says his own family’s love of boating is the driving force behind his desire to improve the experience of life on board a boat.

“They are the product of our own experiences on our boat,” said Bradley. “Frequently, as boating enthusiasts, we have found ourselves saying, ‘wouldn’t it be great if ….’, so we’ve started doing something about it.

“Our aim has been to bring relevant new ideas to what is a brilliant leisure activity, using the highest quality materials and making them as affordable as possible to everyone.”

Marine Innovations' Roper Looper
Marine Innovations’ Roper Looper

His aim to ‘bring something new to the party’ is reflected in the launch of the company’s flagship product – The Boat Bar – which incorporates a clip design that will securely hold up to four champagne or wine glasses, plus four beer glasses or cans and also has a central port for a wine or champagne bottle or snacks.

The flexible usage of the Boat Bar is complemented by the addition of a separate base which turns any boat table leg into its own bar station.

Two further new ideas are the Rope Looper and the Fender Slider.

The Roper Looper creates an adjustable loop in a rope making the process quick and simple. It also acts as a rope tensioner and floats if accidentally dropped overboard.

Rapid adjustment

The Fender Slider enables rapid adjustment of a fender’s height and also keeps ropes tidy.

“We believe everyone should have the opportunity to boat safely so when we invented The Fender Slider and Rope Looper we developed them for both ease of use and for people that may have challenges in tying knots,” explained Bradley.

Marine Innovations’ Auto Bilge Blower fits into any boat to boost engine bay safety and the Thermal Engine Blanket, made from the fire-resistant silicone coated thermal plastic, has been designed to prevent boat engines freezing up in the winter months.


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