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Halcyon Yachts partners with SailTies

Halcyon Yachts has signed a new partnership with sailing logbook app SailTies.

The SailTies app allows Halcyon Yachts’ skippers and crew to create their sailing CV and keep it up to date automatically.

When a crew member is selected for a yacht delivery, the Halcyon team will be able to search for their CV and download it to send to customers from the SailTies Admin dashboard.

“SailTies is not only saving us time managing crew CVs, but it’s great to have them all in one format to send to customers,” said Richard Payne, Halcyon Yachts operations manager. “They look amazing with stats, voyages, qualifications and countries sailed. Knowing they’re always up to date, makes it hassle-free for us and our crew.”

Yacht delivery

SailTies was co-founded by Chris Jacobs who came up with the idea for the app while on a yacht delivery with Halcyon.

“We’re really proud to be trusted by Halcyon Yachts and love the sailing their crew have added to the app already – hundreds of thousands of miles all around the globe,” he said. “They have also given us some great ideas for new features, which we are already working on.”

Chris believes the app is the best place for crew to record their sailing adventures and build their sailing CV.

The app keeps a shareable record of voyages, qualifications and vessels, he pointed out. In addition, past voyages can also be added and all the crew can be added to the same voyage.


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