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First high-power marine charging system installation

Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) has become one of the first marinas to install a high-power marine charging system with the installation of two Aqua 200 HPC marine chargers.

The installation is the latest in a series of sustainability initiatives undertaken by the marina.

In 2019, YCM equipped its dock with Aqua’s DC marine fast chargers and added electric tenders to reinforce its Sports Section’s fleet.

As host of the annual Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, YCM took its commitment to electric boating a step further by collaborating with Aqua superPower as a technical partner for this year’s event.

The collaboration resulted in the creation of one of the largest global installations dedicated to public marine fast charging on a single pontoon with Aqua’s AC and DC charging solutions.

Aqua superPower was a technical partner to this year's Monaco Energy Boat Challenge
Aqua superPower was a technical partner to this year’s Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

In an additional move, Aqua superpower has also entered into a partnership with Kempower, developer of scalable EV charging solutions.

The partnership will assist high usage site operators to manage their evolving demand for electric boat charging.

“We constantly seek proven ‘best-in-class’ technology partners in the development of our marine fast charging network and infrastructure,” said Alex Bamberg, Aqua superPower CEO.

“Our approach is centred on delivering future-proof Aqua certified marine charging infrastructure dependent on usage and location that provides the confidence to transition to clean electric boating.”

Significant milestone

Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower added: “Participating in the development of the world’s largest public marine fast-charging installation on a single pontoon is a significant milestone in advancing the electrification of boats.

“We’re happy to be part of this project, which aims to accelerate the electrification of boats across Europe.”

The Aqua High Power Marine Charging System is a power unit and satellite solution.

The Aqua Power Unit is a rack-style, modular scalable converter cabinet solution for delivering up to 600kW of total charging power to up to eight distributed Aqua satellite charging points.


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