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Cardinal Sin – reflections on the year to date

Well it’s that time of year when we all start to reflect, when leisure marine in Britain really does become an extreme sport.

With METSTRADE taking place from Wednesday to Friday this year, I was reminded of a few years’ ago when I heard that the show was starting an hour earlier than normal. At the time, the thought of all those red eyed British exhibitors crawling through the door and the Europeans shaking heads and muttering about those mad Brits abroad – again – made me laugh.

This year, one wonders how many people will actually be around on the Friday to crawl through the doors.

Still as they say it will soon be Christmas another year over and a new one just to begin. So how’s has it been for you and what does that next year bring? Yes, I know financial years are one thing but in reality, we all really think by the calendar year when we think about how our own time has gone.

What have we learnt from the last year? How much can you use that lesson to make the next year better for you? Have you been paying attention, reading the clues and sorted out your options and escape routes?

For starters you are still here, it’s been a hell of a period but if you can survive this, then next year should be a walk in the park. After all the future will surely give you more opportunity to supply your quality British product and services to an expanding market – with shorter supply lines, ensuring local supply becomes more important than just the lowest price.

Or is that just a Christmas Dream?

As ever, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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