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First marine hydrogen refuelling carried out

The refuelling took place on board the BGH zero-emissions chase boat that will fly at 50 knots alongside two teams during the 37th America’s Cup.

The refuelling of BGH with green hydrogen took place in the Sanlorenzo shipyard at La Spezia at a pressure of approximately 180 bar.

The operation, which was carried out by NatPower H, took 30 minutes, and officially kicks off the testing phase of the two boats, which will culminate with a final refuelling at a pressure of 350 bar, scheduled for July 2024.

“The story of Bluegame is a story of courage. The courage to continue to dare – Memento audere semper (‘always remember to dare’), as Gabriele d’Annunzio would say,” said Carla Demaria, Bluegame CEO.

“From its origins with the creation of the first unconventional BG boat, which defied categorisation and created its own segment in the sector, to the recent technological challenge of designing and building to comply with the very demanding America’s Cup protocol.”

BGH has been successfully refuelled with hydrogen
BGH has been successfully refuelled with hydrogen

Carla added: “BGH represents the pinnacle of sustainability possible today, and its project is part of the ‘Road to 2030’ global sustainability strategy of the Sanlorenzo Group, a pioneer in the path towards carbon neutrality.”

The exclusive use of hydrogen for propulsion is a starting point for the marine industry.

“The completion of the chase boat’s refuelling is an operation that revolutionises the Italian and international boating market, paving the way for new generations of zero CO2 emission boats, said Andrea Minerdo, CEO of NatPower H.

“NatPower H has set out on this new route by creating the world’s first comprehensive infrastructure for hydrogen refuelling in leisure boating.

“This project also marks a new direction in the way we sail. By using hydrogen as a green fuel, we can redesign the boating industry to be more mindful of the beauty of the environment and responsible for the fragility of our marine ecosystem.

“The commitment and partnership between NatPower H and Bluegame represents the first significant step towards the green transition in the yacht and superyacht industry.”

Bluegame and NatPower H aim to promote the use of hydrogen in leisure boating, paving the way for emission-free boating in the future.


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