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Candela partners with Al Seer Marine

Candela, manufacturer of electric hydrofoil boats is partnering with Al Seer Marine to transform sustainable waterborne public transport in Abu Dhabi.

The collaboration between the two companies aims to introduce Candela’s electric hydrofoil boats for public transport use to provide a sustainable transportation option.

As part of the partnership, the companies will establish a sales and service network within Abu Dhabi to ensure continuous operation and customer support.

The network will also provide service, maintenance, and aftermarket support for Candela’s public transport vessels in the emirate.

The partnership will also explore further collaboration opportunities to develop and implement innovative and sustainable public waterborne transport solutions specifically tailored to Abu Dhabi’s needs.

Electric foiling

“We are thrilled to partner with Al Seer Marine to bring our revolutionary electric foiling vessels to Abu Dhabi” said Erik Eklund, director of commercial vessels at Candela. “Their dedication to innovation and sustainability in waterborne transportation perfectly aligns with our vision for a greener future.”

The Candela P-12 electric ferry carries 30 passengers and is equipped with hydrofoiling technology consisting of underwater ‘wings’ that, at high speed, lift the vessel above water, reducing energy consumption by 80%.

The ferry has been developed to achieve a long range at high speeds, with no wake and minimal environmental impact.

Candela and Al Seer Marine say that by introducing electric hydrofoil technology, they are fostering a shift towards cleaner and more sustainable public transportation within the emirate.


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